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Sewer Cleaning, Flushing and Draining Cleaning Service for Ottawa Residents

When something goes awry with your drain or sewer, you might not have the tools or the technical knowledge necessary to rectify the problem. Nor can you afford to wait for repairs, especially if you have a serious issue. Luckily, Belanger Plumbing & Heating can send a team of dedicated plumbers to your Ottawa home or office to perform repairs or drain cleaning services in Ottawa.

We have served families and businesses across the area since 1960. Let us forge a partnership with you and keep your sewer or drain from troubling you ever again.

Know the Signs of a Sewer or Drain Issue

The first step toward solving your sewer problems is that you know how to recognize them when they occur. Look for the signs listed below, and call Belanger Plumbing & Heating to speak with an Ottawa drain cleaning service expert as soon as you notice them:

  • Dirty water backing up into the bathroom or kitchen sink
  • Water backing up into your bathtub when you flush the toilet
  • Stubborn plugs or backups in your toilet
  • Gurgling sounds in your drains or other plumbing features
  • Multiple backups that occur simultaneously around your home
  • Pools of water around the basement floor drain
  • Sewage odours coming from drains around your home

We will perform drain cleaning services in Ottawa, repairs, renovations and other necessary services to ensure your drain and sewer system functions again. Learn more about our capabilities by watching the video on this page.

We can come to your aid whether you live in central Ottawa or the surrounding regions. Contact us for any plumbing issue, big or small, and our team will do everything it can to ensure the problem does not recur. We also respond to emergencies 24/7.

Schedule Drain Cleaning Services in Ottawa

If you own a building in the Ottawa area and it needs drain cleaning and other services, make Belanger Plumbing & Heating your go-to professional. Call us at 613-745-2872 to book an appointment.

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