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Meet Maurice

Maurice has been with Belanger Plumbing for 43 years.

He is very experienced in repairs, alterations and hot water heating. For plumbing problems, ask Maurice and he will gladly visit you at no cost. He will explain the issue and offer remedies to solve your problem. Maurice can then provide you with an estimate or fixed price to complete the repair.


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Residential Plumbing & Water Heater Repair Experts in Ottawa

When you own a home, you learn to expect the unexpected. A burst pipe, a clogged toilet, a leaky sink or a water heater repair in Ottawa could happen at any moment. But when you respond quickly, you can minimize the damage to your home and keep repair costs in check.

When you’re Ottawa home needs heating or plumbing repairs don't wait to call the team at Belanger Plumbing & Heating. Our contracting crew will respond immediately to your call and will work hard to keep your property in great condition.

Keep Your Home in Good Repair in Ottawa

At Belanger Plumbing & Heating, our team stands ready to handle any number of home and business emergencies. Some of our most common heating and plumbing repairs include:

  • Leaking or frozen pipes
  • Leaking or damaged faucets
  • Leaking or clogged toilets
  • Clogged or damaged drains
  • Cracked or damaged hot water tanks

But keep in mind that this list is far from comprehensive. If you don't see a common plumbing issue on this list, give our Ottawa office a call, and we'll see what we can do for you. If necessary, we can perform plumbing alterations, water heater repair in Ottawa and bathroom or kitchen renovations to ensure your home or office runs smoothly.

Call to Learn More

Since 1960, Belanger Plumbing & Heating has served Ottawa residents and built positive relationships with homeowners and business owners alike. We fully equip our team to respond to home emergencies, and you can count on us to offer multiple solutions to your plumbing problems.

When you call us for help, we'll visit your home completely free of charge. We'll quickly assess the damage and answer any questions you may have about the services we provide. And we'll gladly provide a fixed price or estimate for the heating or plumbing repairs.

If you'd like to meet with us, call us anytime at 613-745-2872.

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